List of Top Foreign Service Blogs

List of Top Foreign Service Blogs

One of the best ways you can prepare for life of being a Foreign Service officer is by reading the blogs of a FSO.   In these blogs, you will pick up on some key insights that will not only help you later in your career but also prepare for the test.

In many of the Foreign Service blogs, you read articles about what the exam was like for them and also gain some professional knowledge on the interworking of an embassy, which is really important.

I can distinctly remember reading a friends blog – who no longer has it up – and hearing about his approach to preparing for a Country Team meeting (a meeting in the embassy between the departments that includes the Ambassador, DCM, and other section leaders).   In his rant he discussed about the time difference between Washington and the country he was currently in and the things I had to pull before he went in for the meeting. In this particular entry, he had highlighted the importance that he not only prepare on what Washington had messaged overnight but that he be well versed in the local news and how this will affect the embassy.

It wasn’t but a short time later that I found myself in the same position, however, I didn’t have to learn the hard way and right from the first meeting was good to go.

So, make sure you take the time and look at some of the following Foreign Service Blogs. Some of these are real gold mines!


List of Foreign Service Blogs

Kitty Non Grata
Life After Jerusalem
The Kathmandu Diaries
You Can Call Me Al
Worldwide Availability
Adventures in Good Countries
Adventures Around the World
Inflight Movie
Just US
La Vie Overseas
Stumble Abroad
The World That We Live In
Unaccompanied Baggage
Well, That Was Different
Travel Orders
Kids with Diplomatic Immunity
Six Abroad
The DiploMad 2.0
Foreign Policy | The Cable
The Skeptical Bureaucrat
John Brown's Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, Version 2.0


Best Foreign Service Blogs to Follow

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