FSOT Practice Test

FSOT Practice Test


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100%-85% This is a superb score showing your ability to do well on this basic practice test. However, you'll want to make sure you have a good grasp of every test section and its contents to maintain this level of achievement during the real FSOT 70% - 84% This score range shows you definitely have some knowledge, but also have some gaps to work on. Spending time with more in-depth practice material is a great way to improve on this score range. 55% - 69% While you have some ability to answer these types of questions, you have major gaps in your knowledge which absolutely must be addressed before taking the real test. <55% It's imperative you study and practice as much as possible before the real test. This score range shows a lot of room for improvement, so identifying which areas need the most work is crucial.


The Complete FSOT Study Guide

Incredible value for money considering it is the most comprehensive and useful FSOT guide on the market. The author of the guide has been an FSO and graded FSOTs. As a result, the book is absolutely jam packed with valuable information on the FSOT which simply can't be found anywhere else online. Easily the best way to improve your score.

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Welcome to the FSOT Prep Practice Test

This online FSOT practice test was designed by previous Foreign Service Officers and stands as the best free online FSOT practice test on the market. Although your score on this pretest is by no means a guaranteed representation of what you should expect when taking the official FSOT exam, it is, however, a strong indication of where you lie in your FSO study program. Once finished with our pretest, we recommend that you follow the below steps so as to improve your score and help guarantee you a position as a Foreign Service Officer.

How to Improve you FSOT Score

If we were to just take the advice of the State Department, then you would be in line to read of 100,000's of pages from textbooks and spend an extra year or two enrolling in specialized courses that would go above and beyond college level programs. However, no one has that kind of time or money, and must, therefore, perform study "triage." It is for this reason alone that your best bet in maximizing your study efficiency and effectiveness is through an FSOT Study Guide. The below guides will not "teach" you the subject matter, but help to give you tips and test secrets so as to help steer your studies. Each one has been vetted by myself and my colleagues and comes with our highest recommendation:

#1. The Complete FSOT Study Guide

The Complete FSOT Study Guide is by far my #1 choice.  For starters, it's the cheapest of the bunch in both Kindle and book version.  Furthermore, this was definitely written by someone who is an FSO and has even been a grader on the test.  This book is full of absolute real insight that you can't find online and full of tips and tricks that make this worth every penny.  Another thing that I loved about this book is that the FSOT practice test and pretest were excellent.  He not only covers the Knowledge section, he also goes into detail on all portions of the exam and the selection process.  It's for these reasons that this gets my #1 recommendation.  Worth every penny.


#2. Foreign Service Officer Test Study Guide

The Foreign Service Officer Test Study Guide and Practice Test comes in at second place. It's more expensive than the Complete FSOT Study Guide in book version and doesn't cover as much.  Furthermore, the FSOT practice exam at the end is missing some key sections and isn't as complete.  Couple all of that with the fact that the latest version was written in 2013, and it can't receive #1.  But don't get me wrong, this is still a great study guide.  It rehashes some information, but definitely gives you a perspective that is critical.  However, if you just looking to get one FSOT study guide, then I recommend passing on this and picking up The Complete FSOT Study Guide.


#3. FSOT Secrets Study Guide

The FSOT Secrets Study Guide comes in at third place.  It makes my list only because these three are way more professional and useful than some of the other dribble that exists on the market.  However, considering that its price fluctuates, it's out of date and its practice test is lacking, it will sit at my #3 spot.  The only reason why I include it is that many of previous FSOs recommend this.  However, I believe they never checked out the other two study guides like I did.  Don't remind me how much I spent so as to get this kind of perspective.



How to Use our FSOT Practice Test

While you were taking our FSOT Practice test, you probably noticed certain categories for each question. That is because the most important result you can look for in taking a pretest is the categorical result and not just the final score. By knowing your lowest categorical score, you can discover which area you are weakest on and can hopefully structure your studies so as to improve in that category. Furthermore, you can access our recommendations on top free and paid materials in each section and can hopefully prepare yourself adequately. Once you feel as though you are prepared again and have taken our recommendations for that category, then you should take another one of our practice tests.

When Taking an FSOT Practice Test, Keep This In Mind

When taking the above practice quiz or any of the Study Guide tests, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

  • Remember that during the real test, you'll have time limits
  • Keep pace and don't get bogged down
  • You won't have notes with you so remove them and all distractions
  • Once done, go back and look at the type of questions you made the most mistakes

Although no FSOT practice quiz can ultimately prepare you for the test, no matter how many you take.  However, what does help is learning from your mistakes and using your time wisely as you prepare for the next step in your FSO selection process.

FSOT Practice Tests that are NOT Worth Your Time

Sadly, there are a lot of practice tests out there that aren't worth your time or your money.   Here is a couple that we have found that you should avoid if possible.

  1. FSOT Flash Cards: Foreign Service Officer Test Prep
  2. FSOT Practice Questions

A Couple of Free Practice Exams

However, there are some free ones out there that if you haven't checked, then you definitely should.  I've tested each of these can say that each was carefully crafted and worth the free price as well as a couple of minutes (or hours) that it would take to finish them:

  1. The Official State Practice Test
  2. DOS Career and Practice Test App

Contact Us

Our FSOT Practice test was designed for you, so if you see anything or would like any more information, please let us know by either contacting us or by posting on our message board below.


  1. Sumanth
    November 15, 2017 at 04:04

    So from the practice test the following categories is what I gathered – Economics, World and US History, World and US Geography and Management. Are there additional categories. Your recommended study guides.. do they actually give material to read or do they indicate journals/books to refer ?

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