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Welcome to the FSOT Prep. This site was designed to help those looking to become a Foreign Service Officer pass their Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT), Qualification Evaluation Panel (QEP) and Foreign Service Oral Assessment (FSOA). The selection process for the FSO program is one of the hardest in the world. On average, only 3-4% of those who apply, actually pass the selection process. However, only half of those who pass will actually get selected.

This site was designed by FSOs for FSOs. Unlike most sites on the internet, FSOT Prep will not rehash all the information you will find on State Department's official website. Instead, we hope to provide real useful insight to the tests and provide you with guidance on what past successful FSO did so as to not only be ready for the process but also get selected on the registry.

To do this, we have created a FSOT Practice Test, list of useful study Guides, best practices, and a revised list of recommended reading material.

This site is absolutely free and at no time will we ever ask you for your money. However, we want to be honest with you and in order to cover the costs of our hosting fees, test/pretest program design, and official requests of top FSOs to provide useful information, we have placed advertisements on our site.

Furthermore, our links are affiliate links, which means that if you click and buy something that we recommended, we will get a small portion of the sales. BUT we promise you that it will not cost you anything extra by clicking our link and ANY recommendations or products made on this site, were made because we have personally used the product and feel as though they are the best resources for the price given.

So with that, enjoy and good luck!